Distribution Transformer Manufacturer in MP

August 25, 2022

Every industry in today's era is completely dependent on electricity. Automated systems and equipment raise the dependency on electricity supply thus in turn all the output of a manufacturing plant is decided by the amount of electricity available in the plant as a part of the resource. Management of electric supply up to the user point from the source station of an industry is performed by the variety of transformers installed in the industry premises. Transformers control the power supply by increasing or decreasing the amount supplied from the power station thus playing a vital role in routine operations of any industry.

The engineering team of any manufacturing or processing plant or any other industry must be well aware of the top transformer manufacturer of the area like ETT Group in M.P. to set up the required type of transformer in the industrial outskirts to run the operations effortlessly.

What transformer exactly?

As the name indicates, the Transformer word originates from the word Transfer thus its main function is to transfer the power from one circuit to another circuit.

A transformer consists of three parts namely:

  • Primary Winding
  • Secondary Winding
  • Magnetic Core

The transformer works on the principle of Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction.

Types of Transformers:

Step Up Transformer:

It will convert the low voltage coming from the power station to high voltage and prevent any power loss thus called Step Up Transformer.

Step Down Transformer:

Again this high voltage will decrease by the transformer to make it available for the use at consumer end thus the transformer is called Step Down transformer.

Power Transformer:

It operates with AC supply on the principle of mutual induction. This transformer doesn't contain any moving parts thus commonly termed a static transformer. There are many power transformer manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh like ETT Group.

Distribution Transformer:

A distribution transformer is a type of step-down transformer used to bring down the voltage and distribute it for domestic and commercial purposes. The distribution transformer is designed especially for voltage regulation. Electro Tech Transformer (ETT Group) is a prime distribution transformer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh that fulfills the client's demands.

Three phase Transformer:

This is mainly used in a three-phase system; a three-phase transformers includes three sets of primary and secondary winding; these are more effective than the single-phase transformer. ETT group of Madhya Pradesh India is a major three-phase transformer manufacturer in the central region of the country.

Energy Efficient Transformer:

These are manufactured especially to avoid transmission and distribution losses. There is a use of specific material known as electrical steel or silicon steel which helps to avoid power loss.

The amorphous metal transformer is a novel class of energy-efficient transformer used nowadays to cope with power loss issues.

Role of Transformer in Industries:

Transformers are needed in all the manufacturing industries like automobile industries, pharmaceutical industry, electric appliances industry, biomedical industry, electrochemical industry, and many more.

a) In Healthcare or Medical Sector:

The Healthcare sector is a vital part of a nation's economy and essential for a healthy society. Especially after the covid pandemic, the scenario has completely changed and day by day the health sector is evolving itself to serve society in a better way. 

Advanced medical equipment makes life-saving treatment more effective by performing various tasks.

Isolation transformers are mostly used to operate different categories of medical equipment. The primary and secondary parts of the isolation transformer consist of an equal number of coils and are connected via magnetic flux. Isolation transformers are used only to transfer the power without any noise and they keep the electronic device isolated from high voltage power songs to protect the patients from power fluctuation.

Isolation transformers are used in different medical devices like Ventilators, Defibrillators, Ultrasound Scanning machines, Dialysis machines, and ECG machines.

b) In Electrical Industries:

A variety of Transformers is used in electrical industries depending on the need and type of products.

(i) Pulse Transformers

Mainly used for the production of electrical pumps with constant amplitude they are applied in digital circuits for pulse generation and used in designing logic gates.

(ii) Audio Output Transformer

It consists of multiple primary and secondary coils and is used to balance the amplifier-circuit load. They are mainly useful for the manufacturing of products like loudspeakers.

(iii) Auto Transformer

Generally used for the operation of equipment like induction motors.

c) In Power Industries:

(i) Polyphase Transformer

This type of transformer is used in three-phase electric systems like Power Grid or transmission lines.

(ii) Oil-cooled Transformer

These are called Power Transformers and are applicable for the power generating station or the substations.

There are variety of transformers available in the market and one must select wisely according to the need. ETT group is one of the leading manufacturer of the best-in-class transformers in the central India. The cost-effective products reflect our business ethics of quality & commitment to keep our customers happily satisfied.

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