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My mantra to work is: Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ to begin.  You must start right now, from where you stand, and work with whatever tools you have in your control. You will evolve in the journey; better skills, people, and resources will be found as you move along. Electro-Tech was born with the most basic requirements. It evolved in terms of product offerings, quality equipment, and customer’s faith in recent years. We have been constantly focusing on our core strength of dedicated and skilled staff, business automation, and redefining our internal processes continuously.  Considering the ever-growing demand for safe, reliable, and environment-friendly power equipment in domestic as well as international market, we at Electro-Tech are constantly looking out for ways to attain maximum efficiency with minimum harm to the environment. Electro-Tech Transformers Pvt. Ltd. always strive to deliver quality products with cutting edge technology to satisfy the most unique demands of the customers. We practice the culture of rectitude, veracity, and assurance. It’s imbibed in our minds right from the beginning. It is in our protocol, our processes, our policy, and our people.
Understanding, our presence in the most competitive market of power solutions, we consciously focus on sustaining the quality, efficiency, and performance of our products while constantly learning the latest technologies involved in the transformer’s design and manufacturing. We believe in ourselves! Have faith in our abilities! Because Electro-Tech has the potential to explore and optimize the scope of manufacturing Power and Distribution transformers.

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Electro-Tech Transmission Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2014 with simple beginnings, for not-so-simple power and transformer solutions.

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