Furnance Transformer

Furnace Transformers are designed for induction melting and induction heating for ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Induction Furnace has coil constructed from heavy copper tubing. It is designed and turned to the inverter circuit which applies a medium frequency (generally 500 Hz or 1000 Hz) voltage to the induction coil. The magnetic field produced by the induction coil induces eddy currents in the charge and heats it. Medium frequency is necessary to enhance the rate of heat generation.

  • Indoor/ Outdoor.
  • On Load / Off Load Transformer

Features of Furnace Transformer

  • Electrostatic earth shield provided between primary and secondary side windings for protection of rectifier elements against voltage surges in primary side windings.
  • Use reduced current densities to limit losses due to harmonic currents.
  • Use reduced flux density to limit core losses due to harmonic flux.
  • Designed to suit 6 Pulse / 12 Pulse or other rectifier circuits as required by furnace manufacturer. Two active parts in one tank can also be provided.
  • Confirming to IS 2026 and IS 4540 – specifications for power transformer and specifications for rectifiers.

Technical Specifications

Type Indoor/ Outdoor
Duty On-Load / Off Load
Voltage Class 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22, 33 KV.
Vector Group Dyn11 or other specified by customer
No. of phase 3 phases
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Tap Range ±10% in on load and ±7.5% in off load or other specified by customer.
Winding Material Copper with multiple paper covering
Applicable Standards IS-2026, IEC 60076
Painting Epoxy or specified by customer

Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens when a furnace transformer goes bad?

The circuit breaker usually trips when a furnace transformer goes bad. It trips to prevent a surge in the voltage. As we know, a single fault in the transformer can lead to multiple failures. For instance, a minor fault at the distribution end can lead to power black-out in the whole area. It further escalates the risk of explosions and fire

How do you check a furnace transformer?

You know your furnace transformer is doing well, if

  1. It is making the expected level of humming sound, without any vibrations.
  2. The circuit breaker of the transformer is not tripped.
  3. The HVAC unit is working appropriately, with an adequate power supply.


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