ON- Load Distribution 

We manufacture On-Load Distribution Transformer starting from 500 KVA to 2500 KVA under IS-1180:2014 (Part-1) and above 2500 KVA up-to 5000 KVA under IS-2026 of all voltage class.

  • Designed for minimum 15 years with less maintenance and silent operation.
  • Indoor/ Outdoor.

Features of On-Load Transformer

  • Magnetic Circuit is made using step-lap design for lower losses and low magnetizing current of core by using high quality CRGO material with grades such as ZDKH, ZDMH, AMORPHOUS, MOH, etc.
  • Electric Circuit is made using electrolytic grade with 99.99% pure High Quality Copper from our regular and reputed vendor HINDALCO & STERLITE with Foil winding in L.V coil of transformer.
  • High Dielectric Insulation property to withstand lightening impulse and voltage surges.
  • ONAN through natural convection for effective cooling through axial and radial ducts.

Technical Specifications

On-Load Transformers are installed where voltage fluctuations from H.V side are continuous. So On-Load Transformer changes tap using AVR without any power-cut and give constant output voltage. Thus over-all power consumption of industry gets optimized hence results in power savings.

Type Indoor/ Outdoor
Voltage Class 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22, 33 KV.
Vector Group Dyn11 or other specified by customer
No. of phase 3 phases
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Tap Range ±10 %, +5% to -15% in 1.25% steps in 17 positions
Winding Material Copper with multiple paper covering
Applicable Standards IS-1180:2014 (Part-1), IS-2026, IEC 60076
Painting Epoxy or specified by customer


  • Due to On-Load Transformer the voltage at LV side remains in limit against the voltage fluctuations from HV side.
  • For changing a tap, shut down of factory is not reliable. But due to the On-Load Transformer, you can change tap even when your factory is running.
  • As there is RTCC panel with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) LV side voltage remains in desire range by changing tap automatically.
  • Due to On-Load Transformer efficiency of transformer increases, losses of the transformer and other electrical equipment decreases results in low power consumption, and overall life of the transformer and other electrical equipment increases.

Products in this Range

  • 630 kva On Load Transformer
  • 750 kva On Load Transformer
  • 800 kva On Load Transformer
  • 1000 kva On Load Transformer
  • 1250 kva On Load Transformer
  • 1600 kva On Load Transformer
  • 2000 kva On Load Transformer
  • 2500 kva On Load Transformer
  • 3000 kva On Load Transformer
  • 3500 kva On Load Transformer
  • 4000 kva On Load Transformer
  • 4500 kva On Load Transformer
  • 5000 kva On Load Transformer

Also Available with us

  • 630 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 750 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 800 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 1000 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 1250 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 1600 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 2000 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 2500 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 3000 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 3500 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 4000 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 4500 kva OLTC Transformer
  • 5000 kva OLTC Transformer

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do distribution transformers work?

A distribution transformer comprises zero moving parts, making its working a fairly simple process.

The transformer’s main body rooms two or more coils of insulating wires woven around a steel core. On the introduction of voltage to the Primary /Input coil, the core starts magnetizing. As a result of magnetization, the voltage gets transferred to the Secondary/Output coil. The turn ratio of both coils determines the change in levels of voltage and final distribution.

Which transformer is used in distribution?

According to distribution transformer manufacturers, a step-down transformer is an ideal option for distribution purposes. Why? Because in the distribution network you need to change the high voltage low current from power generation plants/substations to a low voltage high current supply feasible for the usage by end consumers.


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