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The term power transformer is used to provide a number of AC supplies of several voltages and appropriate values of current from the electricity power supply grids. The Power transformer is used to transfer electrical energy in any part of the electrical or electronic circuit between the generator and the distribution primary circuits. These transformers are used in distribution systems to interface step up and step down voltages as per the requirement.

Power Transformers are known to hold a low voltage, high current circuit at one side of the transformer while on the other side it holds high voltage low current circuit. The design of Power transformer depends on the principle of Faradays induction. They describe the power system into zones where every gear connected to the system is sized per the ratings set by the power transformer.

We are a known name for manufacturing Power Transformers of capacity up to 5 MVA, 3 Phase, up to 33 KV Class, ONAN Cooling. Our transformers are popular for its trouble-free long performance, reliability and very competitive prices.

Highlighting Features

  • Design conforms to IS 2026, IEC 60076, ANSI and other relevant standards.
  • Energy Efficient Customer centric designs.
  • Optimum utilization of active materials for compactness.
  • Low power loss and low noise.
  • Designed to withstand electrical impulses and thermal and dynamic stresses.
  • Designed for 15 years of trouble-free performance.
  • Modern manufacturing techniques ensure cost effectiveness and reliability.

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Electro-Tech Transmission Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2014 with simple beginnings, for not-so-simple power and transformer solutions.

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