7 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy A Power Transformer

Power Transformer March 17, 2023

In the era of advancement and development, electricity recreates a crucial role in daily life from light in the house to recharge electric vehicles. Nowadays, maximum devices are operated via electricity, and to smooth the power supply, various transformers are deployed. The requirement of transformers varies as per the necessity of the area, residential or commercial. So, what are these transformers, and how to buy this?

The commonly used transformers are Power Transformers, widely used for stepping up and stepping down the voltage. Let’s get to know more about Power Transformers its installation and things to consider before buying one:

What are Power Transformers?

Power Transformer is an electric device that transfers electric energy and converts high voltage to low voltage to supply the consumers' load. It acts as a bridge between the power generator and the primary distribution grid.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Power Transformer:

If you are looking to install a Power Transformer or want to replace the existing one, you must have a basic understanding of the product and the market. The market has a wide range of transformers claiming high-quality transformers at affordable cost. It may confuse buyers to opt for which type of transformer. Hereby, discussing 7 important factors to consider before buying a Power Transformer.

  1. Power Rating of a Transformer: Power rating is defined as the product of maximum current and operating voltage. If the acquired resultant is more than 200MVA, we used Power Transformers. Power Transformers are designed to work on a high voltage and convert it to step down the voltage as per the requirement. Power transformers operate near maximum capacity, you must ensure that the power rating is high enough. Calculate the maximum power that a transformer has to handle and buy with the next higher rating to avoid damage.
  2. Efficiency: A power transformer is expected to operate at 100% efficiency with no loss occurrence. Generally, losses occur due to two main reasons i.e. iron core and copper winding. To minimize this loss, you can ensure that the iron core is made up of laser-cut, high-grade, and cold-rolled sheets assembled properly. In the same way, transformers' windings should be made from high-quality copper windings. You must ensure the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the transformers before buying. You can check the description, meet an engineer, or can google the details.
  3. Reliability: Power Transformers operate full day at maximum load capacity without any shutdown or break. Transformers work at high mechanical and electrical loads so you need to ensure that transformers keep on working in this condition without breaking down. For this, you need to assure that the transformers have continuous windings with fewer soldering points or joints. For optimum power performance, you need to purchase a transformer from the best Transformer manufacturer in India.
  4. Strong Tank: The main reason for crosschecking the details of the tank is transformers are huge and have various mechanical parts like windings, insulating coils, and core assembly. All parts are enclosed in a strong, corrosion-resistant, and leakproof tank. The tank helps keep transformers safe.
  5. Vector Group: The vector group notifies about the winding configurations and the phase angle difference between the windings. If the transformers in the network are connected parallelly, all transformers must have the same vector groups to avoid circulating currents and disturbance.  
  6. Specification: Before purchasing the transformers, you must check all specifications to fulfill your requirement. Either you need step-up or step-down transformers, power transformers, or distribution transformers. At the same time, also check frequency, voltage, and other required specifications. You can find the specification on the transformers, or you can peruse with the professionals.
  7. Power Transformer Manufacturer: It may sound wage to check the details of the power transformer manufacturer in India, but it is mandatory to consider. When you deal with a leading brand, you are directly opting the high quality and performance. One of the known names is ETT Transformers offering high-quality power transformers at an affordable cost.

Electro-Tech Transmission is a leading Transformer Manufacturer in India. You can find a wide range of transformers ensuring quality. The professionals help you to get the best of your requirement with customized transformers. You can find more details at www.ettgroups.in  

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