Transformer Manufacturing Process

Transformer Manufacturing Process

At Electro-Tech, we emphasize a lot on the design and the manufacturing style of the transformer. Therefore, we work on each step exhuastively by paying close attention to the minutest details. Here is a look at stepwise processes in the making of a transformer.

  • 1. core building

    CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented), generally referred as the core of a transformer. The Core is built with atmost sttention to the details as It can be called as a heart of the transformer.

  • 2. coil winding

    Further the coil windings are made using high grade electrolytic copper. It is specially designed to optimize thermal, mechanical, electrical stresses depending upon the current & voltage requirements by the customer.

  • 3. core-coil assembly & connection

    Our skilled labours work for efficient space utilization and maximum equipment compactness so that the equipment is portable and convinent while installation. Not to forget, all this is without compromising the functional efficiency of the transformer.

  • 4. drying / ovening

    As per the prescribed norms for the procedure, the core & coil assembly is dried in a very efficient drying oven, which ensures reduction of moisture level to zero.

  • 5. tank fabrication

    For the design of tank as provided by the ISI, HIGH GRADE CRGO is used for transformer manufacturing. We use the best quality paint that gives aesthetic look of assemblage and also prevent from environmental effect on the transformer.

  • 6. tanking & final assembly

    After ensuring that the active part is fully dry & moisture free, it is lowered inside a suitably designed & fabricated mild steel tank to obtain the final assembly of the equipment.

  • 7. testing

    Just before the dispatch, all routine tests are performed on each transformer as per relevant standards. Special/Type tests are also performed on each design for its validation. And the equipment is ready for installation.

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