Power Transformer Manufacturer In India

Power Transformer Manufacturer In India

Get High-performance Transformer with Admirable After-sales Service

power transformer plays an important role in distributing electricity. Features, such as power conditioning and voltage regulation help power transformers facilitate stunning applications in power distribution centers, power generation plants, and industries. 

Power transformer supply needs have grown with growing power demands. Electricity distribution companies and industries need a reliable power transformer company. Electro-Tech Transmission (ETT) Pvt. Ltd. has become their trustworthy companion for electrifying the new India. 

We build top-performing power plant transformer to meet the growing needs of the energy sector. We are ensuring the country’s rapid industrial development by supplying reliable and efficient electrical power transformer. 

Providing feature-rich power transformer on demand

We build an oil-cooled power transformer capable of carrying 3000 KVA to 50 MVA load. Our transformers meet IS2026, ANSI, and IEC 60076 application standards. These machines are tolerant to dynamic stresses and electrical impulses. Being one of India’s leading power plant transformer manufacturers, we carefully optimize active materials to build compact and efficient transformers. 

We can maintain the power transformer supply for Step-up and Step-down applications. The following features assure clients that they are buying top-quality machines for power distribution: 

  • Our electrical power transformer can provide hassle-free service for at least 15 years. 
  • Operates silently while assuring minimum power loss. 
  • Efficiently endures electrical impulses and dynamic stresses.
  • Designed to be compact and portable. 
  • You get cost-effective power current transformer that requires minimum maintenance. 

Very few manufacturers can match the quality and performance of power transformers built at Electro-Tech Transmission (ETT) Pvt. Ltd. Therefore, clients choose our products and services to maintain an uninterrupted power supply. 

Our power plant transformer can avoid any kind of loss

A team of skilled engineers consistently monitor the power transformer construction process. Our employees frequently test the design and build quality to prevent load loss. These machines can maintain optimum performance when loads are varying. We test new power plant transformer time and again to ensure they can provide optimal service in adverse conditions. You won’t need a new replacement for years and that proves the performance, quality and Reliability of our transformers

Offering power transfer that endures harsh environmental conditions efficiently

We build power transformer for both indoor and outdoor locations. Most companies in India install transformers in outdoor locations. They consistently deal with dust, moisture, wind, and bad weather conditions. 

If there are design flaws or poor quality material is used, the transformer cannot withstand adverse climate conditions. Its performance will decrease and you will soon need a new unit. 

Being a reputed power transformer company, Electro-Tech Transformer always supplies the finest transformers. We build transformers to last minimum 15 years since installation. We know industries and common consumers rely on our machines to get a consistent power supply. Therefore, we do not compromise the build quality to increase the power transformer supply. 

Supplying standard power transformer fittings

You do not need to contact other power transformer company to buy standard fittings for transformers. We provide everything you need to install the transformer perfectly. Check all the required fittings for transformer installation and order them now. We will ship components to your destination to ensure your work is not delayed due to missing fittings. 

Why choose the ETT power transformer

Electro-Tech Transformer Pvt. Ltd has been providing high-quality transformers since 2014. You should choose us because:

  • We specialize in developing eco-friendly power transformer designs. Whether you are looking for standard or customized transformers, our team can accommodate all your requirements.  
  • We provide well-trained technicians for quick equipment installation. Our team will deliver and install the transformer at any desired site. 
  • We can provide regular maintenance to ensure the installed high power transformer is operating perfectly. 
  • Clients admire our prompt after-sales service and therefore they recommend our products. 
  • We are currently serving over 200 satisfied industrial and non-industrial customers. Over 7 years of experience and more than 100 completed projects prove that we can deliver the best solutions for your demands. 

Choose the best power transformer now

We are the most-trusted power transformer provider in the country. We also provide: 

Contact us now to get quick power transformer supply and installation support. We will send a properly-packaged transformer to your location within the promised deadline. 

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