Five Things To Know Before Purchasing A Power Transformer

power transformer manufacturers in india September 22, 2020

Transformers have always been an indispensable component of any kind of electrical network. They are the core equipment used in industries for managing power supplies. But its application is not just confined to factories, it is widely used in the domestic sectors. However, one major part of the electrical network which heavily relies on transformers and serves as the backbone of the industrialized sector is power distribution. A power transformer is a prominent part of that setup.

A Power Transformer is designed in different shapes, sizes, and specifications for fulfilling different requirements. And with several options in hand, the process of buying a power transformer can become an intimidating task.

For a better understanding of your requirements and to make worthy purchase decisions before buying a Power Transformer, you must seek answers to the following questions.

  1. What is the power rating of the transformer?

The power rating of a transformer is the product of current and maximum operating voltage. Every transformer with a rating of more than (2MVA) is a power transformer. They usually operate at high voltages, and since every transformer is expected to work at the maximum of its capacity you need to ensure the higher power rating of the transformer. The chances of damages arise when the transformer is operated beyond its power rating capacity. Therefore, you need to calculate the maximum power that the transformer has to handle and purchase the one with the next feasible higher rating.

  1. What will be the expected efficiency level of the transformer?

As seen in common scenarios, transformers are expected to perform at 100% efficiency. This implies that you should take measures for minimizing the losses from transformers. The major causes of losses are the iron core and the copper windings. To ensure minimal losses, you can ask the power transformer manufacturer to make the core out of high-grade, laser cut & cold rolled sheets & the copper winding of the high quality. Before making a purchase, work out the expected efficiency levels of your transformer, ensuring minimum losses and maximum operational efficiency for the better life of the transformer.

  1. Can you rely on the quality of the transformer?

Power transformers are expected to run incessantly 24*7 at its maximum load capacity. And the components of the transformers are subjected to heavy mechanical and electrical loads. You need to confirm that the transformer can endure such conditions without breaking down. The best design solution, in this case, is continuous windings with minimum joints. Besides this, effecting a purchase from a proficient and credible power transformer manufacturer guarantees efficient power performance.

  1. Can the transformer tank withstand adverse mechanical as well as natural conditions?

Power transformers are heavy and huge equipment, occupying a lot of space in the facility, and are continuously exposed to the natural elements. Consequently, the core assembly, insulating coil, and the transformer's winding are contained in a tank. As a buyer of the transformer, you need to ensure the tank is so manufactured ensuring strength, corrosion resistance, and leak-proof arrangements.

  1. What is the vector group of the transformer?

Vector group notations provide the details on winding configurations and the difference of phase angles between the windings of the power transformer. You need to accurately chalk out the positioning of the transformers at the facility because transformers with different vector groups can result in circulating currents and other disturbances.

  1. What are the other core specifications of the power transformer?

Lastly, you need to workout and match your specifications with those offered by the power transformer manufacturer. The other key specifications to be looked out for are: Phase requirements, Voltage, Frequency of operations, Size, capacity & KVA of the transformer, Location of the transformer in the facility, and expected operations of the transformer.

The decisions of making the purchase that involves heavy monetary investments are highly influenced by the expected cash outflows over long-term economics. And so is the case with the purchase of a power transformer, it requires a clear understanding of your requirements and accurate research to realize the complete monetary value of the product. Hence, whenever you plan to purchase it from a power transformer manufacturer in India, ensure you have answers to all the above-mentioned questions.

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