How ETT Groups Invests In R&D To Improve The Efficiency And Reliability Of Transformers

energy-efficient transformers January 21, 2023

 How ETT Groups Invests In R&D To Improve The Efficiency And Reliability Of Transformers?

The power generation and distribution system has come into sharp focus and become more prevalent in the country. It has raised the need for conserving energy and energy-efficient products like power transformers that remain energized and consume energy for a full day. The transformer is a critical component of an energy grid, a single fault in the unit for the shortest period can plunge large commercial and household establishments into darkness resulting in substantial economic loss. Hence the situation demands focusing more and enhancing the efficiency and reliability of transformers.

Transformer plays a crucial role in the power system to maintain a reliable power supply. Transformer failures cause unplanned power outages in addition to costly and time-killing repair and replacement processes. So, this is one of the most important parts that need to be taken more attention to keep the system more reliable. About the transformer, if you ask for the component to be taken more care of, would suggest you check to start from the design. In addition, the thing to focus on is the core, the material used, the cooling system, specification, energy efficient capability, standard types, protection system, type test, and standard needs.

Moreover, manufacturers and suppliers play a vital role in keeping transformers more efficient and reliable. ETT groups from Indore, Madhya Pradesh is one of the leading customized transformer manufacturers in India. The group has strategized and made a significant investment in Research and Development to improve the efficiency and reliability of transformers.

ETT groups invest in taking care of transformers internally and providing externally proper neoprene gaskets, transformer oil level, HT and LT bushings, transformer conservator tank or transformer body, HT and LT terminals, and silica gel in breather. For earthing issues, two earth connections by using proper earth size leads shall be provided to the neutral and transformer body of the transformer. In the case of the power distribution utility, the group has focused on using AB switches for isolation, the proper size of DO fuses from the HT side, lightning arresters, and the distribution box with MCB.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has decided on energy efficient provisions and standard technical specifications to use good-quality material, protection issues, EESL parameters, experiments with the specific design of transformers, and transformers' health monitoring systems. Now the emphasis is on adapting new technology like newly introduced oil or the use of copper winding that has given better results along with cost-benefit analysis.

The group has adapted three tire systems for transformer testing to maintain and ensure quality. The first test before assembling the transformer, the second test or routine test by the inspector, and the third by the well-established laboratory after the installation. The process will help to avoid the failure of transformers due to manufacturing defects within the guaranteed time.

In case of transformer failure, every time it is not possible to replace it with the new one due to cost constraints, the system can be strengthened by adding new transformers, augmenting extra capacity, or creating a parallel structure.

ETT group is continuously starving for quality maintenance and checks to ensure more reliable and energy-efficient transformers. Last but not the least is the after-sales service that provides continue maintenance and services adding more life to transformers. The engineers are always at their toes to provide the best possible post sales support. The continuous training sessions also play a key role in the development of every engineer and hence they are skilled to deliver better tha the best with every design.

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