How Power Transformers are different from Distribution Transformers in Terms of Usage

Distribution Transformers May 29, 2023

Our last article studied the significance of different types of transformers as per their application. We can categorize transformers in different ways according to their usage, capacity, size, and so on. We distinguish the transformers as Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers based on several distinct characteristics. Let’s understand each of them from a different perspective.


Transformer is an inductive electric device that converts the voltage of alternating current. It transfers electrical energy from one circuit to other or multiple. Alternating current in the primary winding creates magnetic flux and induces a current in the secondary coil. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, discovered by Michael Faraday. Based on the usage, the transformers are further classified into Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, and Measurement Transformers.

What is a Power Transformer?

Power transformers are deployed to perform with significantly higher voltage in the transmission network. It transfers electrical energy and step-up and step-down application to supply the consumers’ load. It performs the function of power transmission and receiving purposes with higher MVA ratings varying between 756kV to 11kV (rated above 200MVA).

What is a Distribution Transformer?

Distribution transformers are used for lower voltage distribution or say circulation purposes. The transformers are deployed to step-down the high voltage on a predetermined scale. Such equipment steps down the voltage level of a power transmission line into a predetermined scale. Generally, the voltage level varies between 33kV to 430V(rated less than 200 MVA).

Difference between Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers?

  • Power transformers are utilized in the transmission network at heavy loads and high voltage, while distribution transformers function in the distribution network at low voltage.
  • Power transformers are utilized significantly with higher voltage greater than 33 KV & 100% efficiency, while distribution transformers are defined by relatively low voltages less than 33 KV and 50-70% efficiency.
  • Power transformers have various ratings ranging from 400kV, 200kV, 66kV, and 33kV and distribution transformers' ratings ranges from 11kV, 6.6kV, 3.3kV, 440v, and 230 volts.
  • Power transformers operate on the full load ratings with minimal load fluctuations, loaded 24hrs’ a day. The distribution transformers function at lower loads.
  • Power distributors provide maximum efficiency (ratio of power output/input), while the maximum efficiency of distribution transformers ranges between 50-70%. Several factors affect the efficiency of transformers such as core material, windings, etc.
  • Power transformers are used in power generation stations and transmission substations. However, the distribution transformers are used in distribution stations (for domestic or industrial purposes).
  • The size of power transformers is larger than the distribution transformers.
  • Power Transformers are used in transmission networks with very less load fluctuation. So, copper loss and iron loss are very less. Distribution transformers are used in the distribution network. These transformers are not fully loaded at all times which causes iron losses 24 hrs a day and copper losses based on the load cycle.

Apart from the differences listed, one common factor both power and distribution transformers share is their susceptibility to critters, resulting in undesired power interruptions and outages. Additionally, the transformers manufacturers also play a crucial role in terms of efficiency and quality. The best transformer manufacturer helps you how to judge the right transformer based on the industry to be installed for. You can ensure good quality, after-sales services, warranty services, and so on. In the list of leading transformer manufacturers, one name to mention is ElectroTech Transformers. Electro-Tech Transmission Pvt. Ltd. is based in central India providing highly efficient, good quality, and customized transformers. You can avail of quality transformers at affordable rates, for more information click on

How To Judge The Right Transformer Based On The Industry To Be Installed For?

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