How To Check For The Reliability Of The Transformer ?

Transformer May 26, 2022

Transformers play a crucial role in distributing and transmitting the power to households, offices, and industrial plants. The functionalities a transformer fulfills make it complex and huge equipment. Resultingly demanding more supervision and added precaution while purchasing, installing, and/or maintaining the equipment. It involves high costs compelling the buyers to capitalize on it for as long as possible.

The first step before purchasing the transformer is to ensure its reliability. But what is transformer reliability and how can you check if the equipment is reliable? Transformer reliability refers to credence in the equipment, i.e., it can supply the power to the end user, at the right voltage requirement, fulfilling the stated current requirements, and is constructed as per the predefined standards.

It is very crucial to ensure verifying the standards and confirming the reliability of the installed transformer. Concerning the means of checking transformer reliability, we bring you the blog stating the crucial points to be considered.

  1. Transformer specifications - You must get every information related to the equipment you wish to purchase/install. Its functionalities, constraints, and limitations the equipment offers. Also, consider the conditions that might impact the working conditions of the transformer.
  2. Transformer design - According to the before-mentioned specifications, the design team must devise a concrete on-paper/digital design and useful information. Moreover, the design engineer must diligently consider every environmental (heat/pressure) and locational (huge/small space, ventilation conditions, etc.) factor, for avoiding any contingent risks, failures, or reduction in the operable life of the equipment.
  3. Production - This is the stage where the paper design is converted into the actual product. The manufacturers ensure that the physical product is the closest equivalent to its physical design. Quality techniques are implied to undertake the production. Anyhow, the reliability might be affected because the physical product can turn out to be different from the design owing to the material used, handling, processing, machinery used, and workforce.
  4. Shipment/Transportation - There are high risks of equipment damage during its transportation. The regular means of transfer, i.e., road or rail are prone to immediate consequences/ conditions degradation at any point in time. Therefore, the travel history of a transformer is recorded to decide if any damage has been caused to the equipment. Undertake the analysis of each vertical, horizontal, and side-by-side movement record, and if any doubt arises, immediate documentation of such conditions must be done.
  5. Transformer installation - After accepting the transformer, it must be installed at the right or the predefined location of the premises. The manufacturers help you with a detailed step-by-step procedure to follow for the successful installation of the equipment. Post installation, mindfully the buyer must perform every recommended test (like winding ratio, winding resistance, insulation power factors, insulation resistance, etc) to check for deviations if any that might have taken place during the shipment.
  6. Repairs and Maintenance - The reliability of the transformer cannot be affirmed by its successful installation in the facility. Transformers demand regular testing and maintenance for their smooth operations. Its ability to perform or reliability might change during its life because of physical, environmental, construction, or locational factors. Therefore, it requires periodic lubrication and adjustments to the components. Moreover, any in-service failure must be identified and repaired immediately to prevent further and huge damage/ loss or accidents caused due to or to the equipment.


Every factor discussed above holds prominent importance in determining the reliability of the transformers. At every stage, the reliability might change or be affected. Although it even provides the scope of its improvement. Installing a transformer with assured reliability ensures efficient performance, lower requirements of repairs, and lasting operational life. 


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