How To Judge The Right Transformer Based On The Industry To Be Installed For?

transformer manufacturer in india June 26, 2023

Transformers play a crucial role in the generation and distribution of electricity. With the increasing demand, the transformer is one of the needed aspects to keep up the flow of electricity. This continued demand forced operators to ensure the transformer worked in every adverse situation from the deep freezing winters to blistering summers. Transformers are anticipated to perform reliably and efficiently or hinder operations and industry growth. So, the article will help you to judge the right transformers based on the industry to be installed for:

  1. Installation   Location: Due to the heavy size, it is not possible to keep the transformer in the package safely at home. Therefore, it is important to consider the site location and extreme weather conditions. Every application is quite different with heat, salinity, or moisture. For ex: if a transformer is installed nearby the ocean, it will be in a corrosive atmosphere of high temperatures and salty air. The transformer needs a stable paint application made to combat corrosion.
  2. Voltage Class: It is influential to consider the source voltage and required output load voltage. If the load voltage needs to operate on Single-phase or Three-phase transformers depends on the application.
  3. Transformer Winding Connection and Impedance: According to IEEE Standard C57.12.70, particular types of transformers are required to have standard connection arrangements and terminal making such as angular displacement between high and low voltage. Based on this standard, the angular displacement of three-phase transformers with wye-wye connections or delta-delta connections should be 0 degrees, and the alternate connection should be 30 degrees. Generally, mostly transformers are ranged in this voltage level range. Although, it is suggested to check the transformer winding connection and impedance.
  4. Transformer Sizing: To meet all applicable loading connections, it is important to consider the size of the transformer. In case of undersized, it can create issues with the electrical distribution system like loss of loads. For the new installation, it is suggested to measure the proper size from different aspects.
  5.  Is Dry or Liquid Type Required: Based on the operations, two distinct types of transformers exist Dry or Liquid. The liquid-type transformers are cooled and insulated with mineral oil and the dry type is cooled by gas or air.        
  6. What Protection level should be specified: Installing a transformer is one time yet expensive investment that requires many protection levels to keep them running efficiently. These include hot-dipped galvanized radiators, high-corrosion resistance on the exterior paint, industry standards for enclosure protection, oil and pressure level monitoring trip, and alarm function for measuring temperature and pressure control. 
  7. What accessories should be included: Based on the usage, there should be a check on whether the accessories must fit with the transformer or not. The  accessories may include a pressure relief device, liquid level gauge, liquid temperature gauge,  winding temperature gauge, protection current transformers, pressure and vacuum gauge, electronic temperature monitoring, and neutral grounding resistors.

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