July 21, 2022

The Indian transformer market is on the threshold of thriving with a revenue of around USD 4258 million by the end of 2030. It will witness a rise from USD 2130 million in 2020. The studies predict market growth with a CAGR of 7.41% in this decade. With the augmenting cut-throat competition, transformer manufacturers are investing heavily in Research and Development to bring in progressive and new-age transformers.

The transformers with high application in Indian electrical setups are Power transformers and Distribution transformers. Power transformers are deployed in the transmission lines or networks requiring higher voltage, operate at full load capacity, and expect minimum load fluctuations. One can commonly see these transformers in the power generation and transmission stations. Whereas, distribution transformers are deployed in the distribution. channels of electrical setups where issues of low voltages persist and typically function on lower load capacities. The deviations in loaads vary significantly. The shift in energy sources to renewable energy sources upsurges the demand for green transformers. The growing need to alter the current grid structure catalyzes market growth. Along with these, the rising urban population, and an upsurge in economic activities also contribute to the rising energy demands in the country.

The Indian transformer market offers numerous choices to buy from. The categorical division of these transformers is-
Transformer type: Core type, Shell type, Berry transformers. The shell-type transformers hold a higher share of the market and are expected to achieve a market revenue of USD 1941.65 million by 2030.
Power rating: Small (500-7500 KVA), Medium (7500 KVA-100MVA), and Large Transformers (100 MVA and above).
The small transformers attained the largest market revenue of USD 968.88 million in 2020 and are expected to rise to USD 2053.36 million by the end of 2030. This segment is expected to grow with the highest CAGR of 8.07%.
Mounting: Pad, Pole, and Underground vault Out of three, the pad segment is set to witness the highest growth and touch the highest revenue of USD 3512.85 million by the end of 2030.
The number of phases: Single and three-phase transformers The anticipation of holding a higher market share and witnessing the highest CAGR of 8.09% is the three-phase transformer segment.
Insulation: Dry-type and Liquid-immersed Of both the liquid immersed segment is expected to behold the highest CAGR of 7.75% during the period of forecast.
End-user: Utility, Residential, Commercial, Industrial The utility segment is anticipated to amass the largest revenue of USD 3202.02 million by the end of 2030.

The mount to the zenith is not free of risks and challenges, the Indian transformer industry also experiences two major obstacles -

1. Releasing the existing power distribution system/network involves huge investments and incurring heavy maintenance costs.

2. Heavy prices of distribution and power equipment. India being a hub for manufacturing a myriad of products, is certainly set to elevate the boom of the power and energy sector. With the hundreds of power equipment and transformers selling in the market, getting the most appropriate one from the leading manufacturers only seems worth the spend. Thus, get your highly efficient and sustainable transformers from one of the leading manufacturers, Electro-tech Transmission Pvt. Ltd. The ones striving to deliver the best-personalized product and experience to its customers.

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