Post-sales support is as important as Transformer Design for a better equipment life

top transformers manufacturer July 26, 2020

Often you might have experienced a loud spark near your home and immediately the electricity goes out soon after the onset of monsoon. Rains, storms, thunder & lightning during this season remain responsible for short circuits, sudden voltage fluctuations, and irregular power supply. This adversely affects the health of your transformers and other power equipment.

As we crawl from July to September suddenly a marathon of power cuts begins. To restore electricity many times the technician is seen cutting off the main supply to protect transformers from catching fire. Such severe damage affects the service life of transformers.

Why Transformer Catches Fire During Rains?

The main cause of the transformer explosion is a short circuit that accelerates a destructive process known as oil cracking. It is when transformer oil produces highly combustible gases – acetylene and hydrogen. Whereas, a short circuit can be caused by many reasons like a random flying pigeon or moisture-absorbed particle.

In the transformer system, the explosive gases can exist in two forms– vapor and mist having explosive properties during rains. High energy release due to short circuits can easily set fire to the combustible gases, damaging property up to repairs beyond damage.

Common Causes Of Faults In Transformers

Water pouring from the sky is not the only problem. But there’s more. Apart from oil cracking, other ways also disrupt the functioning of transformers such as:

  1. Erratic voltage – high tension transmission lines touch each other or rub against trees due to high-velocity winds results in overloading transformers
  2. Excess heat – generated inside the transformer can also cause overloads
  3. Moisture accumulation – water absorption in insulation poses a serious threat of electrical malfunction and insulation breakdown
  4. Lightning – strike can cause transformers to explode
  5. Decreased cooling – fault due to an increase in temperature

Properly planned maintenance measures assist in avoiding many transformer faults.

Significance Of Post-Sales Transformer Maintenance Services 

Transformers are the lifeline of the electrical transmission grid. They are also one of the most expensive equipment in the industry, commercial establishments, businesses and apartment buildings. yet every rainy season the number of transformer explosions keeps on increasing.

To eliminate such transformer burnout one simple way is following a periodic maintenance routine. You might be wondering why a periodic check for an annual problem.

Listed are some of the benefits you might find interesting:

–          Periodic maintenance can address the issues even before it happens.

–          Significant increase in the service life of transformers.

–          Considerable boost in the performance of the machine.

–          Save the burn in your pocket possibly due to a big fault.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Machines need proper and regular maintenance. Less maintenance certainly means less expenditure, but it can severely deteriorate the transformer performance and equipment life. Hence it is better to opt for regular maintenance. Every transformer is designed for 30 years of service life but that does not mean it can’t be used for more than that. It is proven that regular maintenance can make machines work longer than their designed life. Maintenance also define the quality of top transformers manufacturer firms.

Electro-Tech’s annual maintenance contract is a wholesome effort to maximize the transformer’s service life. It includes tests like filtration of transformer oil, overhauling of the transformer, and electrical testing. Such tests are performed on a monthly, bi-monthly, once in 6 months or annual basis depending upon the working period of the transformer.

It is not just about designing the best transformers, it about their smooth functioning as well. Primarily during troubling times like rainy season. With over 6 years in transformer manufacturing and maintenance, we provide our clients with reliable and prompt services for greater customer satisfaction.

No matter it is regular maintenance or once after the purchase, we would love to assist you to make this rainy season a little easier. Reach out to our transformer maintenance team on our customer help desk or write to us at

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