Three Ways Why Quality Of Transformer Results In Monetary Savings

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An excellent running business is a perfect result of good decision-making at the right time. A good decision states the decision that helps you in the long run in terms of saving money, expanding your business, or earning more profits. The business decision is not restricted only to making everyday expenses but to long-term investments that can even be installing a transformer.

Transformer is a device that is used in the power transmission of electricity by stepping up and stepping down the voltage. Once installed, a transformer operates and provides services for around 20-30 years with minimum maintenance. Thus, saving some amount in buying and compromising quality is not an intelligent decision because the life-cycle cost includes operation and maintenance costs.

You can find various models of transformers claiming high-quality services at the lowest price. As per the general tendency, buyers only check the initial cost without considering the Transformer life-cycle cost. Transformer life-cycle cost refers to the total owning cost that includes the cost to operate and maintain over its life. Total Owning Cost (TOC) is an overall calculation of the life span of the transformer considering operation and maintenance. The calculation helps to calculate the economic choice between contending models claiming as the most efficient at the lowest price. The TOC method includes the purchase value, future losses, tax rates, different energy rates, and cost of borrowing money. The mathematical representation of the TOC method will be :

TOC = Initial Cost of Transformer + Cost of the No-load Losses + Cost of the Load Losses

By factoring in costs, you may find a transformer with a lower price tag that will cost you more in the long run. However, a high-quality transformer with a high price tag can help you to save in the long run depending on the features and services you are looking for.


How Cheap Transformers are actually costly?

Cheap Transformers are nothing but the compromised quality version of transformers. Ignoring the high-quality concept may you get into the marketing strategy of the company and buy the cheap one. So, let's see how successful they are in operations, and going to be a costly decision in a long run. 

  • Low-Quality Material: Material quality plays a significant role in manufacturing transformers. The insulation and wire used by a manufacturer can decrease the transformer's lifespan. Low-quality material reduces the cost of the transformer but requires maintenance or replacement again and again.
  • Poor Workmanship: Transformers built through the assembly of machine parts may have flaws that get missed and cause problems, including complete equipment failure.
  • Improper design: The design, specifically how the coils are wound around the core of a transformer, has a great impact on its longevity. A simple flaw in manufacturing can cost you more in the long run.

You can fix these problems by purchasing a higher-quality transformer manufactured by skilled craftspeople using only the best materials and designs. Some companies have set up their manufacturing over years known for years for their high-quality products and services. Their products are considered the benchmark in the industry. You will pay more for these transformers but can rest assured that your transformer will last longer and cost you less in the long run.

How Much Do Low-Cost Transformers Cost You Over Time?

While choosing a cheap transformer, you can suffer from any of the issues above. These issues can force you to incur some costs making the budget choice less cost-effective. There are direct and indirect sources of cost to consider. The most noticeable direct costs include:

  • Wasted Energy: The Department of Energy (DOE) sets standards for what qualifies to be a highly efficient transformer. Transformers that don’t meet and fulfill these standards are known to experience energy losses that an efficient model would avoid resulting in higher operating costs over time. According to the DOE, when energy-efficient transformers have a higher purchase price, they are also more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Repairs: Transformers made with poor materials or a lack of craftsmanship can also experience more problems that require frequent repairs. The cost of repairing a transformer is determined by the problem and the solution needed to fix it. Whatever the problem, you could avoid these expenses with a transformer that offers more dependable service.
  • Replacements: Even the repairing cost of a transformer is more expensive than replacing a transformer that has reached the end of its productive service life. It may surprise you that the transformer you bought just a decade ago seems beyond help. This scenario can occur if you buy an unreliable product landing you with the unexpected expense of buying a new transformer.

If you are currently dealing with a failing transformer, a better replacement can help you keep your expenses at a minimum by getting you back up and running quickly.

Benefits of High-Quality Transformers

Spending more on a high-quality transformer is a wise business decision. Some of the benefits of high-quality transformers include:

  • Increased Reliability: A well-made transformer will perform well without frequent, unplanned maintenance needs. You can rely on such transformers for years.
  • Longer Life Span: The longer life span is a key part of what makes these transformers more cost-effective. Instead of spending money to replace a transformer that failed too soon, that initial purchase price will get you more years of dependable service life.
  • Higher Efficiency: You’ll experience lower energy losses with an energy-efficient transformer which means lower operating costs. This is also a more environmentally friendly choice, which seems significant for companies trying to minimize their environmental impact.

To get high-quality transformers, it is always recommended to buy transformers from an authentic and trustable company. We all know, there are many transformers manufacturing companies providing services over years. But, now the time has changed and innovative and advanced techniques have been introduced to the world, this is the time to go with the innovation. Hereby, introducing Electro-tech Transformers, a venture that amalgamates quality with advanced techniques, professional craftsmanship, and services. To know more and avail benefits of high-quality transformers, you can explore

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