What Is Ultra Isolation, Control, & Current Transformers

What Is Ultra Isolation, Control, & Current Transformers December 17, 2021

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The electrical requirement of every industrial unit differs from the other. A few require a heavy and consistent power supply, or a few require tweaking of electrical paths for transmitting the usual power requirements. Moreover, some industries (healthcare, marine, mining, etc.) require electrical and magnetic field separation, i.e., power isolation for the smooth operations of the devices and equipment.


But what does Power isolation imply and why is it necessary? It implies the separation of two circuits magnetically/electrically or separates two different sections of the power supply. The isolation of power is necessary to safeguard the industrial/electrical setups from electrical hazards and electrical shocks. It prevents transmission of hazardous voltage between the circuits and blocks high common-mode voltage barring measurements and then damages the equipment.


Therefore, the power transformer manufactures have diligently crafted a different category of transformers, for distinct power isolation applications. Of which three prominent types of isolation transformers are - Ultra isolation control and current transformers.


With our upcoming blog, we bring to you brief insights into the three transformers, their applications, and their advantages. For reading the blog, click here. For detailed descriptions, quotations, and demos, write/call at.


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