Why Energy Efficient Transformers Are A Dire Necessity?

June 23, 2020

Top industry owners and managers are well aware of the significance of investing in an energy-efficient transformer. When it comes to dealing with energy, they know, that saving energy is creating it. 

Transformers are the most important part of the modern electrical distribution network. With an outstanding average efficiency above 97%, their smooth working ensures industries keep running 24×7. The efficiency of such an effective machine should be the top priority.

Despite that around 40-50% of the total distribution and transmission losses are due to ineffective transformers. So, let’s get to know more about energy-efficient transformers.

What are energy-efficient transformers?

During the electricity distribution from power stations to commercial and residential units, transformers play a key role. After the transmission lines, transformers are the main cause of energy losses. Up to 5% of the total energy can be lost depending upon the efficiency of the transformer.

Energy-efficient transformers are specially engineered with high-performing design and superior grade materials to reduce energy losses. With low maintenance costs and longer service life energy, efficient transformers are the new age solutions for electricity transmission.

Energy-efficient transformers are designed and manufactured according to the specifications of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). ‘The star rating’ plan by the government of India classified transformers into 1 star to 5star categories. 5star transformers are the most energy-efficient.

The general life of a transformer is 30-40 years. With minimal losses, a 5star rated transformer can save a substantial amount of energy and financial resources in its lifetime.  

Conventional Vs Energy Efficient Transformers

Here’s a quick comparison between the old and new types of transformers.


Conventional Transformer

Energy efficient Transformer

Core Design

Composed of multiple pair of coils

Composed of a single coil


Large in size due to multiple windings

Small in size, has only one winding

Material & Space

Requires more material and space

Uses up less material and space


Less efficient

Far more efficient


Operate on large current

Easily operate on less current

Heat losses

High heat losses

Very low heat losses


Less economical

Highly economical

Energy-efficient transformers are compact, enabled with modern design, have diverse usability and are much more economical than their conventional counterparts. 

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Transformers (EET)

Let’s see some of the benefits in which you can revolutionize your industry with energy-efficient transformers.

  • Prevents unnecessary waste of electric power. EETs can reduce losses up to 70%, saving thousands in a short period of time. 
  • Offer optimum performance and operation. Low resistance copper wires make the best winding for greater efficiency.
  • Create minimal heat losses, EETs decrease the extra cost of coolant and increase the transformer’s running time as well.
  • Extremely environment friendly, due to EETs less fossil fuel is used to generate raw electricity which keeps environment pollution-free and reduce human carbon footprint.
  • EETs give high return on investment. With greater efficiency and low-cost operation, they’re very suitable choice for new establishments.

Transformers for Every Industry Need

Transformers from as back as the 1950s are still in use and the number of energy losses they cause is staggering. To upgrade the transformer will not only reduce a big chunk of your electricity bill but will also help us in saving our planet as well. Adopting newer, faster, better energy-efficient technology is a future-proof investment.

We provide a large range and various quality of transformers for all your energy-saving needs. Electro Tech is a trusted name for the manufacturing of energy-efficient distribution transformers, power transformers, and special purpose transformers.

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